How to Build a Marketing Plan

How to Build a Marketing Plan

Even marketing managers will tell you that they dislike the amount of time it takes to construct a marketing plan. So many people in these positions are looking for an easier way to do so. If the time could be shortened or if they knew exactly what went into building the marketing plan, then the process would probably not be so bad.

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Therefore, it is essential to look at this and the three things that need to be considered when building the marketing plan. These can be broken down by an organization into whatever sub-headings they like.

The beginning pare of the plan is mainly reserved for the manager who deals with marketing. In this beginning section, he or she should impart their assessment of the current situation that is affecting the product. This will involve a lot of labor to write this section as it will feel as if the person has homework to do. The manager will need to provide a summary in clear written language that everyone can understand. This is not the time to use big words or complicated jargon as it is just a summary or an assessment of the current situation of the company.

This part that goes into building a marketing plan is quite essential. The manager will need to put the company and its products under a microscope to see if there are any weaknesses within the company. This is also the time to mention the organization’s strengths and what it previously did well in the past. The hope is that these are the trends that continue and this should also be noted. The manager’s assessment is key to building the marketing plan because it should also explain the large competitors that the organization faces, this is especially true if the organization is only in second position or if the competitor has a larger market share. This should all be noted as a summary here. The overview should also mention what is the expected financial outcome for sales of the products and what profit, if any, that the company is hoping to make.

When looking at how to building the marketing plan, the next thing that should be mentioned is the strategy. This can be quite detailed and can include the suppliers that will be needed, along with the price and distribution of the product.

Depending on where you would like to include it, the plan should also make mention of the previous financial state of the company in terms of product resources. The manager can construct or build the plan with information looking at the profit and loss of the company an what will be needed to make or keep the product profitable. Therefore a marketing plan is similar to the organization’s whole business plan in this regard.

By John Benson

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