Ergonomic Positioning of Your Desk, Computer Monitor and Keyboard Tray Are Important

Ergonomic Positioning of Your Desk, Computer Monitor and Keyboard Tray Are Important

Ergonomics are much more well known and important to today’s workers or businesses as an important part of keeping the workplace productive and the worker’s happy. Luckily many new products are on the market today to help us to remember that proper ergonomics and techinuqes promote better body health and are important.

One of the most important components to make up the true ergonomic workstation would be the keyboard and mouse system. You should consider attaching a separate system to your desk with height adjustment and tilt positioning. The desired position while typing allows the user to hold the mouse with the upper arms relaxed and as close to their body as possible. The wrist should be in a comfortable and neutral position when using the mouse and typing. This can prevent problems such as carpal tunnel and tendinitis and can help for proper blood flow throughout the body.

The computer monitor should be placed directly in front of you and centered with the body to help alleviate too much neck twisting and should not be angled to the left or right side. The correct distance for the monitor from the user is approximately at arms length and your fingers should just touch the screen. Also, make sure your desk is at a comfortable height at about 28 to 30 inches above the floor. This height is suitable for the average adult, smaller or larger sized people will need to make adjustments.

Watching your posture and making sure that you continue to do so throughout the day, is extremely important and contributes to good ergonomics as well. It is not hard to apply proper positioning to most work situations, as long as you know which posture to take, you are on your way to better health.

By John Benson

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