Page Ranking Guaranteed – 3 Simple Steps

Page Ranking Guaranteed – 3 Simple Steps

Can anyone really promise page ranking? No question! First, what is page ranking?

Page ranking is being found by the search engines. Getting attention to your content.

Strategicly placed key words is one vital element. But if you actually want to be found on the Web, a few key strategies will thrust you to the top!

When you use these basic concepts combined with my three secret steps below you will rock the Net.

RELEVANT CONTENT – Understand the needs of your prospects. Let’s face it we can trick people to view our sites with lots of hype and gimmicks. Trickery and heavy handed persuation will not make for happy clients. People want the content to match the headline.

This frightens the average person trying to dominate the web, but it is easier than you might think. Simply, Google search your topic. Select at least 3 of the top sources. They can be video and articles. No fair copying…it looks bad too. Educate yourself first. Create bullet points of the ideas you learned. Now your ready to write or create your own video.

You are learning all the time. As an educator I know that the best way to master any ability is to teach it to others. That is why I believe Network Marketing is so empowering. Simply write three or four hundred words about something you are learning. Walk someone through the misstep you made so they can avoid it. Walla, you are the expert.

TARGETED KEY WORDS lead the right people to you. Type in ‘Google Key Word Tool’ in the search engine for a FREE Google tool. You can pay for tools but this free tool works great. Keep in mind that people use the same key words searching on Ezine sites as they do on Google.

Some people say that CONTENT IS KING, and indeed it is significant. With out worthwhile content you have very little to offer. However, I would say Incomeing and Outgoing LINKS are KING and Content is QUEEN!

You can have the most striking site full of wonderful content, but if you are an Island with no links to your content people will not find you and Google will not think you are very important.

Search engines look to see if others are following you and passing on your content. Is anyone else reading your stuff writing a review or rewriting what you have to say and giving you credit?

Thanks to my Master Mind Team I learned a remarkable trick from David Wood.

3 Strategies For Grabbing Attention On Line

1. Use to broadcast your content to over 30 social bookmarks and receive tons of back links.
2. Do a 1- minute video advertising your content and distribute it through Traffic Geyser More back links, more visibility.
3. Post to houndreds of article directories using the NUMBER 1 Article Submitter so you maintain total control.

Combining all 3 steps is the secret ingredient here. I suggest not implementing them all at once if you are not familiar with these strategies.
By John Benson

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