Real Leadership Is All About Attitude And Planning

Real Leadership Is All About Attitude And Planning

There are so many traits and qualities that differentiate the true, great and effective leader, from the rest of the pack. However, without a positive mental attitude and the willingness of a leader to commit to maximum effort to the entire planning process, none of these qualities will make the difference, without a clear cut focus on having a forward thinking, proactive, can- do approach and attitude.

Real Leadership Is All About Attitude And Planning

True leaders are thorough planners, not only coming up with an idea or the sketches and outlines of a plan, but who realizes that an entire plan requiring planning for contingencies.

1. Nowhere is this more essential than when it comes to professional event planning. A professional event planner needs to as thoroughly as possible plan thoroughly from the onset. This means in the negotiating stage that a professional planner must do his homework to investigate not only what is needed, but also what may be needed in the worst case scenarios.

Professionals understand the need to plan thoroughly and prioritize needs. They also understand that invariably some things will not go as drawn up, and that negotiating a change at the last minute is often both costly and difficult. Advance planning not only is more efficient and effective, but much less stressful to the event organizers.

The greatest compliment I have ever received in my over ten decades of intimately working in the hospitality and event industry is when at a recent conference I had negotiated and organized, the hotel staff gave me a gift of a pewter flask that was engraved, “The Final Backup Plan.”

Event professionals who can effectively communicate with their hospitality partners the need for planning and contingency planning, and then additional contingency planning, are invariably the best at what they do, and nearly always get the best results under any and all circumstances.

2. All leaders need to be superb planning coordinators. While it should not be necessary for a leader to actually do all the detail work, he must be able to communicate to subordinates what he wants done, and explain why this is a priority for effective leadership.

3. Regardless of the situation, however, there is rarely effective planning when the leader does not have a forward thinking, can- do attitude. Those in leadership must have positive attitudes that provide them with the self- confidence to take timely action.

Unfortunately, most people who ascend to these positions give more reasons why something cannot be done than why and how to do it. Great leaders have fabulous attitudes.

Is your leader someone positive, who people like to be around, or is the person a nasayer and a procrastinator who spends far more time telling you why something can’t be done? Who would you prefer to lead you?
By John Vaughan

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