The Unique Connection of Learning and Leadership

The Unique Connection of Learning and Leadership

Learning and leadership each has a distinctive definition yet are related to one another. Both of them are essential to our lives. The first talks about how we learn and the second depicts how we lead. There is a special bond between the way people learn and the manner they lead.

The Unique Connection of Learning and Leadership

The wonders about learning continue to amaze at the same time confuse many people. Attempts to discover the way people learn have different results. Some people view learning as based on traits while others think that it is dependent on the techniques applied in processing information.

Furthermore, there are also researches conducted to find out the source of learning. Does it come from within? Or do outside factors allow people to learn? In the past years, it has been observed that man’s experiences have influenced his actions and perspectives in life.

Learning is more than acquiring knowledge. It extends to shaping people’s lives and affects how they lead such lives. Many leaders share about their success through experiences, responsibilities, relationships and formal training.

The foundation of learning takes a crucial role in effective leadership. Learning allows leaders to stand firm in the midst of changes, complexities and risks. These leaders contain a constant flow of things to learn.

They need to continue learning in order to thrive in their career and in their environment. In this case, leadership can be defined not as something that people can learn but is learning itself – leadership is learning. When we look at effective leadership, we are actually witnessing an extraordinarily complex method of learning.

What influences people to lead? Success in leadership entails responsibility by having a vision and requires value by means of interaction. Leaders are inspired by their vision that results into enabling others to act on it. They act as the model and encourage everyone to pursue that goal. Effective leaders are always learning. They look at all their experiences as part of their learning.

Nowadays, the world needs leaders who shine in the challenges brought by change. It calls for leaders that promote innovation and believe in trust and teamwork. Every part of effective leadership involves learning. Therefore, anyone seeking to be a successful leader should show interest and willingness to learn. He should realize that without learning, leadership will never be effective.

Effective leaders are eager learners. They are neither affected by the complexities of the challenges nor are shaken by the disappointments of being a leader and a learner.

Success in leadership is impossible without the intervention of learning. Knowing this makes us realize that leadership and learning, although may have different definitions, are connected with one another – one does not survive without the other. Leadership can only be effective if you are a successful learner.
By Joseph Coffey

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