The Power of Listening

The Power of Listening

If you want to be great at whatever you do, then learn to ask the questions, open your ears, shut your mouth and listen to the answer. I mean listen to the other person like they are the most important person in the world at the moment.

The Power of Listening

Listen and then ask some more questions, shut up and listen to the answers.

Then ask more questions.

Sounds simply enough Manny, what is the big deal?
When was the last time someone really listened to you?
When was the last time you really listened to someone else?
Be honest.

Sales people, how many of you have ever taken a class in listening?

“Leaders”, how many of you out there ever took any training in listening?

Get the point?

Getting the other person to talk is one of the greatest keys to success there is.
No matter what you do for a living.

You get the other person to talk by being a listener.
I spend 90% of my coaching sessions listening to my clients.
Asking questions.

I spend 90% of the time I am selling, asking the questions and listening to the prospect.
What about you?

What if you learned to listen?

You could build great rapport.

You could build great relationships.

You could become the person others like.

This could result is amazing outcomes:
1) You get the sale.
2) You get the help you need.
3) You get the respect you desire.
4) You build a powerful organization.
5) You move to outstanding.

Sounds so simple Manny, I am in.

Yet, why can’t we do it?
Remember, only the ones who think they can’t, can’t.

You can do this.

But you have to work at it.

First you have to learn how to ask good questions, questions that get people to talk, open up and share.

Second you have to practice asking questions, shutting up and listening. You have to practice. You can practice on anyone, anywhere and everywhere. In the store, at a sporting event, at a child’s party, at a networking event. Anywhere and everywhere, practice and get really good.

Third, you have to learn how to count to 10 while keeping your lip buttoned. Wait and don’t talk yet. You will be amazed at where some of the conversations go.

If you learn to listen, I guarantee it will change your life. You will move from where you are closer and closer to outstanding.

Sales people:
If you learn to listen, you create a buyer. Listening makes people feel great, makes them like you. When people feel great and like you, they tend to buy from you. People love to buy.

If you learn to listen you create team members that are committed. You create team members that know you care and that you will take time for them. Team members that feel good about themselves and good about you produce so much more. People love to please those they like and respect.

If you learn to listen, you create children that feel so much better about you and about themselves. Child that feel good about themselves, create so much more in their lives and the lives of others.
Child love to talk – if someone is listening.

Husbands and Wives:
If you learn to listen, you will solve 95% or you issues in your relationship. Most married couples do not know how to listen. Listen and stay happily married until death do you part.
Couples that listen to each other – rarely have a communications issue.

If you learn to listen, you create a positive attitude in others. You create people who will do so much more because they feel you care. People love those that listen.

Take time to listen this week. Shut the mouth, open the ears and watch what a difference it makes in another person’s life, but more, what a difference it makes in your own life. You might just be amazed at what you learn, if you are listening.

Successful people know how to listen better than anyone else out there.
Outstanding people are outstanding listeners.

How about you?
By Joseph Coffey

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