Your Future In Commercial Law

Your Future In Commercial Law

If you’re interested in the law, commercial solicitor jobs may be something you want to try. Commercial law jobs, or commercial solicitor jobs, focus on various areas of specialization, including getting involved in mergers and acquisitions, or helping new businesses get established. This is also sometimes known as ‘corporate law’. As a commercial solicitor, you advise clients on specific areas of the law pertaining to their business, most especially in regard to disputes.

Your Future In Commercial Law

Commercial law jobs of this nature may involve settling disputes in areas such as intellectual property, finance, insurance, property, employment, or competition law. Commercial solicitor jobs specialize in one area; in other words, as a commercial solicitor, you won’t be known as a ‘jack of all trades’, but will be focusing on one defined area of the law.

Working as a Commercial Solicitor

Most often, as a commercial solicitor, you work within a team rather than alone. The work is intellectually taxing and demanding, you’ll need to be able to handle significant pressure as you work, and you will need to adhere to stringent deadlines.

Where will I work as a Commercial Solicitor?

Most often, you work in a firm as a commercial solicitor. You may work on several smaller cases at once, or may focus on one large case at a time.

What does a commercial solicitor job entail?

In general, the work involves interviewing prospective clients initially, to determine whether or not you can help with that particular case. Once cases are taken on, you’ll be advising clients as to the law and how it’s going to affect them, and you’ll be drawing up contracts and documents specific to the case at hand.

You also negotiate with clients and other professionals as necessary to meet the goals as set forth in the case. As you work, you’ll research documents and case law to make sure procedures are followed and advice given to clients is accurate.

Because commercial solicitor jobs also involve settling disputes, you will help with the process of implementing the agreements once they’ve been ‘hammered out’ you also act on the behalf of your clients in these disputes and represent them in court. if need be. You coordinate all parties’ tasks as you work on a particular case, including supervising subordinates on the team as applicable.

Acquiring a commercial solicitor job

If you want to become a commercial solicitor, you need to be qualified and then choose your area of specialization. You may stay with the firm you trained with, or you may move to another firm. You’ll probably start out as an associate or assistant at first, and then will be given increasing responsibility as you hone your technical and legal skills. You’ll also learn how to supervise junior associates as you move up within the firm.

Promotion and commercial law jobs

Commercial solicitor jobs’ promotion relies on the quality of the work done instead of on ‘seniority’. One very important aspect of this is the amount of work you are able to bill to clients, based upon previous targets set. Although an important goal of a commercial solicitor may be to become a partner, alternative routes may also be pursued, depending on the availability of partner positions and a solicitor’s goals.
By James Clapton

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