Will My Deliveries Be Insured Against Loss Or Damage in Transit?

Will My Deliveries Be Insured Against Loss Or Damage in Transit?

Insurance is one of the most logical things to be concerned with any time you’re shipping with Phoenix delivery services. Obviously, when something is being shipped by a courier all of the factors which are within your control when the goods are on your property are no longer in your control.

Will My Deliveries Be Insured Against Loss Or Damage in Transit?

This means all the measures that you take to insure the integrity of your goods and to make sure that they are not damaged are no longer in place, and you have to just hope that your goods don’t become damaged or lost while in the hands of the courier.

This is obviously where the question of insurance comes in. It is of course only good sense to have your shipments insured in some form whenever you are shipping with a courier, even if you’re only shipping a short distance. A package can be just as easily stolen if you’re shipping down the street with a messenger as if you’re shipping to Russia, so it always pays to be protected.

If you’re working with a quality courier though, you may already be more protected than you know. That is because courier companies are required by law to carry certain types of insurance on their businesses in order to be operational. One of these is something called courier insurance. This is going to protect your package against almost any kind of loss or damage that you might conceive of.

There are additional types of insurance that courier companies carry as well. For instance, many have courier insurance which would also cover any weather damage your package might sustain, such as if it were rained on when the courier was carrying it from the street to the building they were delivering it too. Bonding is another common type of insurance carried by couriers. This is when they have insurance which specifically protects against theft which is committed or facilitated by an employee.

Don’t be afraid to ask your courier outright about the type of insurance that they may have on their business. This is something that they should be happy to discuss with you, and their full disclosure will likely quickly reassure you that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to shipping with them. The only potential problem is if your goods are worth more than their maximum insurance coverage, in which case you may have to find additional coverage.

By  James  Clapton

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