How to Build Your Inventory

How to Build Your Inventory

As long as you’re building an inventory anyway, consider the totality of your products and think of yourself as providing a product line to your customers. Instead of offering a variety of entirely different types of things you happen to come across, consider building a unity into your product line.

Present your prospective customers with a body of products that go together. The only way to differentiate yourself from other sellers is to give your customers a lifestyle and combine your products.

Not only does this strategy create a cohesive product line for you and your customers, it simplifies your shopping for inventory. You will find so many different products you might want to try, but sticking with a genre of products helps you focus your efforts. It keeps you from getting scattered by the temptations you’ll come upon. Now, that’s not to say you shouldn’t keep your eyes open to a great source of new products for your line. That should always be your mindset, but stay focused, and don’t chase after every new thing you see just because you’ve found a place to source it.

When you’re deciding what you’ll sell, don’t forget to consider the necessary items that go along with your products. If you decide to sell aromatherapy machines, you’ll also want to sell the aromatherapy beads that go with them. If you sell cameras, also stock the batteries for the cameras. The same is true for any item that requires filters, bags, or any other consumable part. Make yourself the place your customers come to for their purchases and their repeat purchases.

Consider selling something that other eBay sellers may use. This goes beyond the usual packing supplies or shipping labels. As you build your business, see what items you find handy and then consider stocking them. Have you found a reliable scale for weighing your boxes? Do you have a favorite light for photographing your products? Can you provide a source of inexpensive, personalized stationery for sellers to include in their shipping? How about office products that you find especially useful? Anything you can identify that other eBay sellers might need and want gives you an automatic customer base to address.

By  John Hester

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