How to Be Creative As a Sales Manager

How to Be Creative As a Sales Manager

With the increasing pressures in business and the need to perform at the top of your game. Creativity is probably the last thing on your mind. Am I correct.

Well fear not because with some basic steps it is more than possible and will help to boost your performance more than you ever imagined.

Boosting creativity is an ability every one has. Yes even you. The fallacy over the years has been that only people in the arts and media are creative. Not so.

If you look at some of the best sales people ever it often boils down to their unique and creative way of presenting their product. That results in the high volume sales they always seem to achieve.

Being the most creative sales manager in your division usually means you will have the best ideas to motivate and inspire your team to success.

The result of which is always an improvement in your sales line, through a combination of a motivated team inspired by a manager that is unique.

So let’s explore 9 great steps to improve your creativity:


Think about what you eat and drink. Boring I know. The saying of having a clear head is actually true. The body is well over 80% water particularly the brain. That headache and mid afternoon lull is usually down to dehydration. Not wishing to sound like your mum here and, fruit and water will make a major difference to how you feel and process information.

Question Yourself

Ask yourself questions you want the answers to. This primes your subconscious mind to go out and find the answers.

Remember the last time you were wrestling with a problem and then suddenly the solution popped into your head. How often you wake up in the morning and the answer is there straight away.

Tell yourself the answer is on its ways. Not I am not creative!. Positive imprinting on the brain works. Don’t believe me though try it for yourself

Go for a Walk

When you feel yourself getting frustrated. Stop what you are doing and change your physical body position.If it is possible go for a walk. It is logical when you think about it. Physical movement helps you take in oxygen and increases blood flow to the brain.

Listen to Music

On a similar vein listen to music. Researchers in Germany studied in depth the relationship between music concentration and the ability to learn. We know it works. Music has a profound effect on mood. Worry anxiety and fear all block ideas. Music is one of the quickest ways to change how you are feeling and actually allow ideas to come through.

Define the challenge

Get a piece of paper, computer whatever. Then write out the challenge in question in real detail. Remember to throw some questions in to get the subconscious mind working on it.


Great idea. Only if you do this without judgments just throw all the ideas down. Then group and analyse them later. Top tip do this when you are high energy and upbeat or it will be like pulling teeth.


As much as you can whenever you can. About all sorts of different things. It really helps to stimulate the brain. If you put great ingredients into the brain that are varied and different. It can create results you never dreamed of.

Meditation and relaxation

Now I am not going woo woo on you here. Even a well known business school beginning with H, recommends meditation for managers. We are such busy people juggling so many different things in our life. Both in and out of work. As a new sales manager on a steep learning curve probably more than most.

The brain need to have periods of relaxation so the best thoughts can bubble to the surface. Meditation gives it the space to actually do that.

By  John Hester

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