Hiring Salespeople – Made Easy

Hiring Salespeople – Made Easy

Hire slow, fire fast is an old adage worth remembering. Hiring salespeople can be challenging but the process is easy. Look for likability and coachability and you will find the makings of a great salesperson.

Likability is that quality you see in a person that makes you say, “yea I’d buy from them”. I really like that person. It’s that first impression that people remember. The other is coachability. Coachability is a quality you find in someone who is eager to learn and who is competitive and wants to succeed but doesn’t have the knowledge or the skills, yet. There are other qualities that are important to like talent, experience, and knowledge and you will find these things out later on in the interview.

The process of hiring salespeople can be broken down to:

* Prospecting

* Interviewing

* Hiring

Prospecting is when you explore for candidates. There are three ways of prospecting – good, better, best.

  1. Good – Put ads out there on websites, magazines and newspapers. This is a great way to read a lot of resumes and meet a lot of people. It’s also a waste of time. If you are answering ads for a sales position there is a reason no one is hiring you (there are exceptions to the rule but we are talking about hiring great salespeople).
  2. Better – Promote from with in the organization. You may have that likeable and coachable person right in front of you and you don’t know it because you never asked them if sales is something they should consider.
  3. Best – Steal them from their current job. It doesn’t matter the job they are currently in. If they’re likable and coachable for this company they would be likable and coachable for you. Have you ever been waited on by someone likable and you commented how friendly they were and what great service they provided. Hello, candidate.

Interviewing is the process to see if this is the right candidate for you. The interview should consist of questions designed to see how coachable the candidate is (you already know their likable). You should be looking for the candidate to be interviewing you as well. If the candidate is asking questions regarding training processes and and customer service you have the makings of a great salesperson in front of you, if they ask more questions about what’s in it for them and how they can benefit from you, think twice about this one. Hire slow.

Hiring is the engagement of employment. Now that you hired a salesperson it’s your job to train and coach.

Helpful Tips when being interviewed:

* find out what’s most important to the company

* find out what’s most important to your sales manager

* find out what’s most important to the customer

* Follow up with the interview with in 24 hours. Ask-what are some of your thoughts on our interview?

By John Benson

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