Leadership Development

Leadership Development

We often hear and discuss about leaders in any group, setup or in any organization. Question arises here and mostly comes under discussion that why is having a leader in any setup very important. Everywhere we need an initiator and facilitator to make the work in progress.

Leaders are the ones who are responsible for the work get going and keeping everyone on the same page without losing their trust and interest. Since ages we are involved in a discussion that leaders are born not made, and many advocates have been experienced for both the side of this statement, but majority has come on conclusion that leaders are effective only if they have the skills of leadership along with a right behavior. So a person cannot be a true leader without a right behavior and style.

It is not necessary to have a leader in a workplace setup only but its importance is significant in one’s personal life also. Since we have agreed on the fact that good leaders can be made or the skills can be flourished by using certain techniques. A person having a leadership quality does not necessarily show it to everyone and every time, but these characteristics are experienced on situations where it is needed to act as a leader. Leaders are self-improvers and are the biggest critics. Organizations are very well aware of the fact that leaders must understand the technical side of the business and must feel themselves connected with the vision and objectives of the company. Coaching training must take place to enhance them into a better leader.

Business must incorporate the sense in their prospective leaders that they are working for the betterment of the company and company’s achievement is their achievement, only than a leader will be a good leader and will prove to be a golden asset for the company, whereas leaders lacking this concept might harm a company by putting efforts to develop himself only and ignoring the company’s progress, despite of the fact that that leader is exceptional in his works; therefore companies are highly concerned about leadership development programs.

In current era where cultural diversity is very common, leaders must understand the basics of different cultural persisting in their workplace. Keeping this aspect in mind, the masters of behavioral sciences have designed several training’s and activities to engage people and making leaders understand the dynamics of present work setups, like team building games and manage or lead exercises. To sum it up it can rightly be said that true leaders are the game players; they might not be experts but can use the expertise of others by involving them and appreciating them, and this is needed to be learned by the leaders. In Modern era Leadership is more dependent on humanitarian grounds, only this way people will follow you willingly.


By  John Hester

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