Intrapreneurship – the new leadership concept

Intrapreneurship – the new leadership concept

The word intrapreneur is a terminology created in the early 70’s used to describe members of an organization within a corporate structure who operate at an entrepreneurial mind-set. One can say that successful leadership development is built on being an intrapreneur; you have to be innovative, creative and resourceful. Successful organizations incorporate intrepreneurial values into their leaders.

Organizations that value this principle support a culture that is committed to excellence and autonomy.

Many progressive corporations have adapted strategic moves to inculcate the practices of entrepreneurship within the organizations. The transition from a conventional structure to an independent and profit driven culture is easy for most, it requires a small shift in power; allowing managers the chance to steer their own ship and motivate their teams.

Leadership development programs that are centered on developing a business focus requires a set of guidelines. Programs are geared for empowerment and assertiveness. There are many laboratory exercises that managers can do to test their decision making acumen, this is important as they make the shift from dependency to autonomy as many small, but important decision making processes will be transitioned into their stead. One can argue that an intrapreneur environment can be a two way window. The right conditioning and leadership program can create managers motivated by profits and operations excellence, but a weaker disposition will create nothing but chaos and bad decision making.

There are certain risks involved in taking on an intrepreneurial approach to leadership, but with great rewards. If the Business strategies employed for leadership are attuned to the operations goals then there is a guaranteed success rate for the organization. Setting competitive margins for managers is another progressive measure to instill a sense of profit oriented mind-set which allows leaders to come up with innovation to stir revenue or contribute to an increase in manpower productivity.


By John Benson

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