Sharpen Your Scheduling Skills Today Using 5 Intuitive Tools

Sharpen Your Scheduling Skills Today Using 5 Intuitive Tools

Time management tips that are heart-based never turn you into a drone. Quite the contrary – you function at peak productivity when vital and proactive. Heart-based time management helps you build capacity by going deep. Start by exploring 5 tips to sharpen your scheduling skills with intuition.

Chart Your Creativity Using the Calendar Grid As Your Canvas

Interestingly, that standardized grid of a calendar is a wonderful partner to intuition. That’s because it provides you with an overview. While intricate details are the province of logical left-brain activity, overviews, patterns and systems are discerned by the intuitive right brain.

Intuition helps you perceive and ultimately coordinate the rhythms of your life. It helps you pace yourself to avoid burnout, and to coordinate demands. Here are 5 ways that you can delineate important patterns using your calendar:

  1. Color Codes Coordinate.

Color-coding is a powerful scheduling tool. It helps you conduct quick scans and avoid logjams. For example, make all the action steps of “Project A” the same color, and assign a different color to the action steps of “Project B”. Then, it’s easy to discern the steps of each individual project when you take a quick look at your month.

  1. Perceiving Patterns Protects Priorities.

How many tasks do you have that recur on the cyclical basis? In what ways do they coordinate or clash with your other cycles of commitment? For example, one set of meetings might take place every other Tuesday. Another might meet the fourth Tuesday of the month. In a situation like that, you might have a lot of schedule conflicts or none at all. This shows up on your calendar right away. Take advantage of the color coordinating options on various calendar apps as well as the ability to schedule in future appointments.

Many electronic devices only project ahead for set intervals like two weeks, monthly, etc. For other rhythms, a large desk calendar with colored markers is invaluable to chart your month’s progression. The earlier you catch potential collisions, the more options you can explore.

  1. Synchronize Your Steps.

It’s often a challenge to juggle our personal and professional lives. Have you ever noticed how the emerging and receding demands almost seemed to form a dance of priorities? As you further develop your scheduling skills, develop some code to prioritize your projects as you said them down in your calendar. A visual symbol can communicate any other essential details that may be difficult to chart using standard calendar apps.

As much as possible, chunk down each project into action steps that you enter into your calendar. Then you can better coordinate how to group activities for your maximum effectiveness.

  1. Stay on Schedule Using Soft Deadlines.

Soft deadlines are due dates ahead of your final deadline. By focusing on your soft deadlines, you maximize your chance of staying on schedule, even if faced by setbacks.

  1. To Energize, Enlist Your Intuition.

Burnout develops when you focus on the specific individual parts of your projects and neglect your health, values and personal welfare in general. Again, your intuition is a priceless ally to keep you whole and effective, not disconnected and exhausted. Remember to schedule in time to recharge your batteries along with everything else. Color-code it prominently! Then, your calendar supports your overall well-being as well as your productivity.

By  John Hester

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