Social media optimization: Expand your horizons

Social media optimization: Expand your horizons

Word of the mouth might not be enough if an effective networking has to be achieved. This is done with an active assistance of networking tools such as social book marking, video and photo sharing websites and an engagement with blogs which share the content through the use of RSS in the blogosphere.

Other special blog engines which perform in the same way like Technorati are especially popular with the younger lot. Techniques like these help in building new opportunities for the marketers and for even those who are new entrants in this field. Social media optimization is basically, a set of methods for generating publicity through the social media, online communities and community websites. The method is similar to search engine marketing differing though, in a number of ways from it. Actually, the focus is on driving traffic from other sources apart from the search engines whereby improved search engine ranking is emphasized.

For those with skepticism towards the latest optimization technique, Rand has something to suggest. He says that awareness should be there because in its absence, one can get a double listing by the competitor. This is made possible by some advanced planning on the competitor’s part to do some €virtual drafting’ and thus appear directly behind you. Social media optimization however, has its positive aspects as well. Like Rohit Bharghava, the man behind the coinage of term, explains it in yet simpler way and suggests the implementation of changes to optimize a site. In this way, it is easily linked to more highly visible sites in social media searches on custom search engines such as Technorati. Besides, these changes are introduced frequently in relevant posts on blogs, podcasts and vlogs. Social media optimization assists in building search engine friendly sites resulting in generation of large traffic. Bookmarking a website is yet another feature that helps in the increased visibility of a webpage.

Social media sites on most of the occasions operate as a magnifying glass, in that they help in tapping into many other links. These links usually flow back helping with the search engine rankings on an increased scale though. Cameron Olthius’ introduction to Social media optimization provides further insight. It is a common knowledge that in SEO method, a single website is present with a common domain rather than its division among various places. An added advantage of having the multiple sites is understood by the SEO whereby a corporate blog and a corporate website double the representation in top search results. Limitations are however, there because of the traffic directed towards your own places. With SMO, one can own multiple sites while they being still valuable to you.

Social media optimization utilizes several methods by which one can advertise their products in an appealing way. Communication is a prominent factor here and besides that, interesting web content still decides the viability of a site. Opinions are expressed freely and other people come to know about your services and products. Here, target audience has to be identified which in turn, facilitates in marketing the services and products offered by the companies. SMO has made the communication between the common people a lot simpler and thus made your business touch the heights you always dream of.


By  John Hester

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