Thinking of the Customer in Closing Techniques

Thinking of the Customer in Closing Techniques

When going for the close, often salesman only have one thing in mind. Namely, how do I send the bill and how do I make money? This is not what the customer is interested in. The customer isn’t looking for a way to spend money. The customer is looking for the value of your product or service.

When you are on the verge of a close if you tell the customer that you really don’t give a damn about them and just want their money, it is the kind of thing that will make them change their mind.

If you instead remind them of why they are doing this and try to take the focus Off the bill they will be a lot more keen on going through with the arrangement.

All the power is in the hands of the customer and you have to give them a reason to ask for your help. Just like you they have a business to run, a boss to answer to and a board of directors looking for results.

They need to know that their decisions are in their best interest, not in yours. You should think about what the customer wants. The customer doesn’t want to pay 10 000 dollars. The customer wants to receive a service that will save him 30 000 Dollars because he/she invested 10 000 dollars.

If you have ever felt like you lost the customer in that horrible moment when they are just about to sign the contract, probably you said something that showed them your true colors.

By  Julian  Bush

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