Selling Your Services – Don’t Become the Forgotten Provider

Selling Your Services – Don’t Become the Forgotten Provider

All too often you don’t get clients simply because they forget about you. Ask any real estate agent and they will tell you how frustrating it is to discover the very people who know them best often go with another agent because they forgot they were in real estate. Here’s how to avoid that without acting like a pesky sales person.

I understand. You make a contact or connection. The person you connect with doesn’t immediately become a client for one reason or another and then you feel awkward about contacting them again. You don’t want to come off like an annoying sales person so you end up doing nothing.

You aren’t just cheating yourself you are cheating your potential client too. While they may not have needed you at the instance of that first connection when they need you they really need you and it’s so easy to forget you or forget how to contact you when they need you if you don’t stay in touch. There is an easy way for you to avoid missing out on new clients and feel good about contacting them.

Do you resent people who keep doing nice things for you? Well, I suppose you might if they are cloying about it; however, when someone does little nice things for you in an unobtrusive way you like it. You like it and it makes you feel good.

Who doesn’t want to make people feel good and feel good about them? The thing to keep in mind is you have the choice to mix up the way you reach out and connect with the people you have contacted. While no one wants you to call them each month and ask if they are ready to hire you they would love to learn more about things relevant to them.

The other thing to remember is different people like to communicate in different ways. While my daughter in-law sends text messages like a pro my husband wouldn’t even know how to either send or read a text message. That’s okay you can respect the people you contact by using different approaches.

Here are some ways to extend your relationship beyond that first contact and help people choose you as their service provider:

Print – You can send short handwritten notes and personal cards, letters, articles, checklists and other tools the receiver will get immediate value from

Phone – Yes, the phone. Don’t be afraid to call the people you have connected with. You aren’t calling them up to ask them to buy you are calling to share an idea or tip, let them know about recent changes, or help them connect with someone else.

Events – This is a great way for the other person to gain an experience with you in a non-threatening environment. Plus it gives them a chance to interact with other people with the same interest.

Website – Your website can serve as your 24/7/365 workhorse. Show the people you connect with how to go there and get valuable tools and information at their convenience. Use it to help people register for events. Use it as a lead generator for new potential clients.

By  Julian  Bush

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