Selling Your Services – The Real Reason Clients Hire You

Selling Your Services – The Real Reason Clients Hire You

Do you know why your clients really hire you? I’ll bet you don’t. I’ll also bet the fact you don’t really know what your clients are buying is costing you in terms of your ability to get more clients.

If you are like most service providers you think your clients choose to work with you because…

they think you are more affordable than your competitors

you offer better service

your services provide the best value

you have great reputation

There’s something wrong with these responses that isn’t immediately discernible yet once I point it out you will wonder why you didn’t see it before. While those are great reasons and your existing clients may even give you those reasons if you ask them about why they chose you, they aren’t the real reason. You see those reasons are all reasons we use to explain our decision after we have decided to buy.

I know you are proud of these things and they represent your standard for performance. They are certainly commendable. However, let’s take a look at why these reasons are flawed.

A potential client will never think about whether your services are affordable until they already want it. So when you approach a potential client from the perspective that your services are affordable you are actually trying to make a judgment for them they aren’t likely to agree with. Even free costs too much if the offer is for something you don’t want.

The same logic follows for each of the other reasons listed. Until a potential buyer already wants what you have none of those reasons are valid. The real reason a potential client whips out their credit card and asks you to bang their card is you have shown them how working with you will improve their self-image in some way.

Think about what motivates you to take a not so easy action. You are motivated to act by that internal emotional trigger you simply can’t resist feeding. Some people are simply driven to help others. They absolutely can’t help themselves and will stop at nothing to find a way to do it even it means working for free and greatly inconveniencing themselves.

However, you are working with your clients there is an underlying emotional trigger you are helping those clients fulfill. If you don’t understand what that is you need to do some talking with your clients. Then you need to use that knowledge to adapt your communications and tap into that.

By    Daniel   Blare

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