Preventing Objections – It’s Easier Than Handling Them!

Preventing Objections – It’s Easier Than Handling Them!

The most effective way to do this is to meet with a few fellow sales professionals and your sales manager to discuss the most common objections they hear. This should not be a casual discussion over lunch, but rather a formal meeting that includes an in-depth discussion of the objections, the most effective ways to handle them and practice sessions where you try out some of the proven strategies.

The ultimate outcome of this type of meeting can be a sales script book. If used properly, it can be a productive tool for dealing with objections. In fact, some companies use script books for every part of the sales process, from the opening line to the close.

A sales script book is a line-by-line summary of the actual language you can use to respond to the most common objections you are likely to face during the sales process, but if you are using a sales script book, try not to sound rehearsed, potential clients don’t want canned answers, they want sincere sales professionals.

If it is professionally prepared and supported by guided practice a script book can be a powerful sales tool. The one caveat is to make sure it is not either overly focused on what the salesperson is supposed to say, or inadequately focused on listening to the prospective client. Both way, when it comes to anticipating and planning for objections, sales script books can be particularly effective.

When using a sales script book, you need to spend a good deal of time practicing, as there is nothing worse than a mechanical response. Take the language of the script and go over it, learn it and then tailor it to fit your style of speech, delivery and pace. Never use a sales script in your sales presentation unless you are comfortable, confident and relaxed with it.

“The ultimate compliment a customer can make to an organization about one of its marketing people is: “I’m not sure whether your sales rep works for me or for you.” Buck Rodgers

By  Julian  Bush

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