Persuade People Effectively With Your Persuasive Actions – The Nonverbal Communications

Persuade People Effectively With Your Persuasive Actions – The Nonverbal Communications

Persuasion is not only done through conversation. The persuasion we know is how we converse people to take them to your way of thinking and influence them. You may not know it but there are a lot of actions that you do during persuasion that adds influence to your customer or clients.

This is what we called the nonverbal communications.

Using your persuasive nonverbal communication, you can dramatically level up and increase your persuasive power. I will share to you some nonverbal communication that you can enhance so that you can use the full power of it.

First is the power of touch.

There are lots of interpretations when some people touch the other. During your persuasive sessions with your clients, it doesn’t mean that you are going to touch him or her throughout your conversation. You also need to find time, perfect time in between your discussion where to touch especially when you are giving an emotional persuasive discussion. Your power of touch gives favorable interpretations of affection, similarity, and relaxation.

Next is your power of smile.

When you smile to others you are addressing life to them and you are winning their heart. By the time you face your clients, you must know that you are being evaluated by them if you are a good sales person and if you can be trusted. You must give to them your true sweet smile or I mean not a fake smile.

Another is the power of your eye contact.

Maintaining eye contact with your clients during your persuasive negotiation gives a lot of meaning to them. With your eye contact, you are revealing your interest in something. Most of the time people are looking to your eyes to know if you are true or honest in what you are telling them. Your eyes sometimes can reveal your true feelings.

Lastly is your hand movement.

Hand movement encourages and draws more attention from your clients and most of the time it also encourages retention in your persuasion. You can always accompany your persuasive verbal messages with your hand gesture because this can help your clients to easily understand and focus to you.

A warning for this nonverbal communication is that you must not over do it. Your clients might find you annoying. You need a right timing in using this.

By  Julian  Bush

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