Persuade People and Make Them Do What You Want

Persuade People and Make Them Do What You Want

Most of the people don’t know the importance of persuasion. They don’t know that it is a very important skill in life. This is the only skill that can boost your sales and business, can make a happy family, can build a very strong relationship and can influence others and take them to your way of thinking. Having this kind of skill, you’ll never know how easy life is.

Having this great persuasion skill in you is indeed a very good advantage for you. Why? Well, you can easily court the woman you liked and you can even earn more in your sales and marketing. But, somehow it is used in politics to win the peoples trust and even in courts. You can see now how useful this skill in life.

Now, let us focus on how we can persuade more people to boost up your business and your sales. In the world of business, persuasion is very helpful especially in winning negotiations and taking you clients to take immediate actions.

I have here some ways that can help you persuade others.

Have you heard that saying ‘do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you’? In business this is ‘do unto others what you want them to do unto you’.

The first persuasive ways to persuade people is to do good first to other so that they will also in return do good to you. This means that you give first to your clients or customers. It is very common that if we get a favor from others, it creates a need to return that favor. And we can use attitude in our advantage to persuade others.

Now after you give, you can create a need and you can easy follow persuading them. This need means a need of having you product. For example, ‘Do you have trouble cleaning your house or does it take time to clean your whole house? Well, you can use this machine or product and you can easily clean your house in just 1 hour’. Just like this, you are creating a need for your client to take action because they need your product to solve their problem in cleaning their house.

Of course without confidence you can never do this job. With your power of persuasion, you must build up your confidence in the way you talk to your clients or customers. This confidence means that when you persuade others you need to talk straight. You need to be consistent also for them to trust you.

Great persuaders are those having with a very effective communication skills.

Before people can trust you, they want to see you as an example. You cannot bring others to do what you want if you have a bad attitude.

The choice of words in your persuasion is also very important. There are lots of words, powerful words that can easily persuade others.

By  Julian  Bush

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