Learn How to Shut Up and Close the Sale

Learn How to Shut Up and Close the Sale

If you are in sales of any kind, you need to pick up this trick, because it can make or break the close. Read on to find out why silence can be one of the best sales tools around.

When you are in a sales presentation there are a number of reasons why you should stop talking. Here are 3 of them:

  1. Once you complete your sales presentation simply stop talking. Let the prospect ask you the questions. You want to only field the questions that they want answered. If you keep talking about the product, many times you can bring out features that either they may not be interested in, or things that they might not like. No product is perfect, so it’s important to tailor your presentation only to the points that the customer is concerned about.
  1. Many times that prospect will try to bash you about the price. This is standard prospect behavior. If the prospect can get you to lower the price why wouldn’t they? So, the next time you get a price shopper and they say that the price is too high, all you have to do is say “hmmm,” or “oh really” and then stop talking.

This immediately puts the prospect in the defensive seat instead of you. You will no longer have to defend why the price is too high, they will feel as though they have to tell you why they think it’s too high. You can then respond with the benefits of the product and the added value.

  1. If you leave the air full of silence, the prospect will tend to fill it with words, especially if you are the only two people in the room or on the phone. The customer will tell you all kinds of things, like the real reason why they aren’t buying, or that they love the product, but don’t have the money.

Maybe you are not talking to the person that can make a buying decision. No matter which one it is, if you just say your speech and then stop talking, the customer will give you all kinds of clues as to how you can steer the conversation in your favor.

By simply using the art of not saying anything during the closing process of a sale, you can gain an incredible amount of information from your prospect, just because they will feel as though they need to tell you something.

By  Julian  Bush

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