Sales Strategies – Clarify As You Go

Sales Strategies – Clarify As You Go

When making a sales presentation, it’s a good idea to clarify yourself as you go along.

Make sure the potential client knows what you are saying and has a clear

understanding of what it is you are selling or saying to him or her.

Here are some simple clarifying questions to ask yourself to see if you and your

potential client are on the same page.

  1. Why (am I/ are you) here?

Recognize feelings, issues, circumstances, or dreams, goals and desires.

Clarifying questions:

Where am (I/you) at?

Anything else?


Could (I/you) be more specific?

Explain that?

  1. What (does/will) that create in (my/your) life?

Look for results

Clarifying questions:

What will that do for (my/your) life?

What will (my/your) life be like in five years?

How do (I/you) feel about that?

  1. How important is if for (me/you) to do something about it?

Probe for urgency!

Clarifying questions:

On a scale from one to ten?

  1. When is the right time for (me/you) to do something about it?… or How will (I/you) know when it’s time for (me/you) to do something about it?

Inspire urgency!

Clarifying questions:

What will happen to let (me/you) know when it’s time to do something?

  1. What (am I/are you) going to do about it?

Inspire change!

Clarifying questions:

What’s going to be different about (my/your) life?

What differences would (my/your) family, friends see and hear?

  1. What (am I/are you) going to do to make sure these changes occur and continue?

Inspire action!

Clarifying questions:

What’s the one thing (I’m/you’re) going to do differently today, tomorrow, next week?

“The most essential factor is persistence – the determination never to allow your

energy or enthusiasm to be dampened by the discouragement that must inevitably

come.” — James Whitcomb Riley

By  Devin  Mason

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