Sales Strategies – Barriers to Rapport

Sales Strategies – Barriers to Rapport

There are barriers to rapport, for example, amateur salespeople make the mistake all the time of thinking other people have the same view of the world as they do. This is wrong of course. All people view the world differently of course.

Understand how your prospect views the world. How do you do this? By asking questions, by knowing what is going on in the world, being up on the latest news and current events, being able to speak on many different things.

Rapport has been defined as matching the pace, tone, behaviour and actions of the prospective client so that he or she is comfortable that both of you see the world in the same way. This seems to be a true statement and should be adhered to.

The professional sales person builds rapport by subconsciously changing their language, their tonality, their breathing patterns and their gestures to match that of their prospective clients. They want to match their view of the world more accurately. Remember, people buy from people they are comfortable with and feel they share something in common with.

Another aspect of bonding with a potential client is understanding the four types of personalities you will be dealing with. They are dominant, outgoing, ambassadors and cautious thinkers buying from cautious thinkers. What type are you? Can you easily match any of these types? Are you flexible enough to first notice and then match each of these types of personalities? You should be. Sales are flexibility.

“Always render more and better service than is expected of you, no matter what your task may be. ” — Og Mandino

By  Julian  Bush

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