Secret to a Successful Business Cold Calling

Secret to a Successful Business Cold Calling

Cold calling has proven to be effective and grow sales. Cold calling is not about making the sale but setting up an appointment to make the sale. It is only successful when you believe in your product and that it will benefit the prospect.

Set goals with your cold calling. Decide how many calls you would like to make in a week. Remember as in anything else it is a numbers game. Cold calling is not always fun, but you must be persistent to get the results. It is best to use a headset when making your calls. Using a headset allows you to stand and even walk around during your call. You are able to sit up straighter. You will sound like you have more energy and your contact will certainly hear this. It is also important to sound natural, calm and relaxed.

Find out as much information you can on the company and the individual you will be talking too. This will give you the advantage of talking to them about their company and their needs. Identify a problem that you can solve. Write a script before you start your calling. Prepare an opening statement. You may what to alter the statement depending on the kind of company you are calling. Practice before you make the call. Organize your thoughts, this will help your call flow better.

Never start a call with “How are you today?” or “Is this a good time to talk?” This will would give the person you’re calling the chance to terminate the conversation. Don’t sound like you are reading from a script. The script is not meant to be read word for word. It is meant to be used as a framework to get the conversation started.

Remember, you never have a second chance to repeat first impressions. Your first phone call is as critical as meeting a person face to face for the first time. Practice before you make your first call. You will improve with practice and time. Always keep your voice upbeat and confident!!

When talking to a gatekeeper, talk to her in a tone that gives her place and position, after all she is a professional. It is important to be brief as they are very busy. She will greatly appreciate that and will become your strongest ally. A good way to start with a gatekeeper is to ask, “I wonder if you could help me”.

Learning the names of a gatekeeper and being very friendly can be very helpful. When making cold calls shift your mindset. Instead of thinking that you what to make a sale, change it to how you will build a relationship with this person. Again, cold calling is a must. The more calls you make the more you will improve. By not making your cold calls you are leaving money on the table. So just relax and have fun with it!!!

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy”.

By  Julian  Bush

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