Selling Your Services – The Most Common Blunder Even the Experienced Make

Selling Your Services – The Most Common Blunder Even the Experienced Make

I see this big old boo-boo all the time everywhere I look. I see experienced service providers make this mistake, even me. That’s exactly why you have to understand it and keep a watchful eye out to avoid it.

Sometimes I think it happens because we want to stand out yet we don’t want to STAND OUT. We want to stand out because we want others look to us with respect and admiration not because we want others to think we look like a rodeo clown going to the ball. However, allowing yourself to come off like the vanilla ice cream you can buy anywhere is a killer mistake.

What you really need is a voice of reason that bluntly tells you, “Hey, what you just said blows try that again.” What I’m talking about is the way you introduce yourself to the people you want to work with. I don’t just mean what you say when asked, “What do you do?” I mean every communication you make in any form in any situation.

That points to a major challenge in and of itself. All too often even the people who really know you don’t know what you do because you haven’t made it easy for them to tell others about you. Consistency and clarity are paramount.

I don’t mean telling other people what you do in terms of your profession. Heck, talking about your service bores people stiff from the get-go. I mean what you say to let others know what you help people get.

You see the big vanilla ice cream blunder is talking about what you do in a way that anyone else in your industry could also say. You can get vanilla ice cream everywhere so why should I buy vanilla ice cream from you. That’s exactly what the people you are communicating with are thinking.

You have to set yourself apart from the pack and make yourself shine as “the one”… the service provider they have been looking for. If you aren’t perceived as unique then you are just another also-ran. The only thing that differentiates you is perhaps price.

So, how do you make yourself unique? You do it by checking every communication for these 3 criteria.

You focus on what you do for people that they are willing to pay to get

Potential clients should perceive what you do as a better fit for them than the competition

You must tap into what motivates your potential clients to act

By    Daniel   Blare

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