What’s the Energy of YOUR A-Game?

What’s the Energy of YOUR A-Game?

Have you ever thought about it? Have you ever thought about what your “A-game” looks like, or what you need to do to “bring it?”

When most people think about bringing their “A-game” to the table, they usually think of high performance, winning awards, playing well, showing up 100%, being in the zone, being fully confident, being at the top of their game…

But do you ever think about what YOUR “A-game” means to you, personally? Or what you need to do to take care of yourself to not only access it, but bring it consistently and sustainably over the long haul? Especially when times get tough?

Do you ever think about how your personal energy and health impact your game? Or how your mindset either accelerates or hinders your game? How about how the energy you’re bringing to the table can hinder or accelerate the game of the people you lead? It all ties in and it all has to do with the “being” and “doing” of leadership you’ve often heard me speak of and write about.

I’ve found that while everyone’s “A-game” is unique to them, there are common things that one must address in order to set themselves up for success and “get in front” of their game. This enables them to not only feel good, and “on”, internally, but to lead effectively externally as well. This enables them to “show up” powerfully and authentically.

Here are 4 places to look right now to identify what these areas might be for you:

How do you feel when you’re in the zone? What does your “A-game” look like?

What things need to be in place for you to be at your best?

What is the impact of your “A-game” on those you lead?

What messes with your game? Where do you get knocked off kilter?

Answer these questions honestly (this will take you 5 minutes and it’s a good 5 minutes!) and then get into action to support yourself. I can tell you that there are 7 core areas I work with people on for achieving their best and most sustainable “A-game”.

These 7 areas can be further broken down into two primary areas of focus:

Leading with your authentic “boots” on (believe me, this is bigger than it sounds, there is a whole, very effective, model around “das boot”)

Leading – and managing – their energy in all 4 areas of the DTE Energy Leadership Model (all areas are crucial to leadership success and even serves as leadership “super powers” when applied intentionally.)

So grab your “boots”, work your energy, and join me this month in bringing a deeper level of meaning and authenticity to your personal game.

By Nathan Dean

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