Leaders Stay Grounded

Leaders Stay Grounded

Oftentimes as leaders we get so bombarded with the everyday mundane tasks of running our division or corporation we neglect ourselves. I’m not referring to your physical body; I’m referring to your mental approach.

Successful leaders realize in order to be profitable and productive we must stay level headed and grounded. One of the best ways is to have a brutally honest but sincerely caring support group. We will now discuss a few ways to make this possible.

Serious but Balance View of Work

My personal motto is to work hard and play hard. However, be cautious of who sees you in your relaxed mode and how much they see. There is no better way to lose dignity and respect, then letting team members see you in an “unflattering position”.

We all live busy lives, but strive to always arrive to work before your employees and leave after them. This instills two things. First that you take your job and responsibility serious (therefore you expect the same from them). Second, there are no double standards for management, that your organization from top to bottom is fair and transparent.

When they see you work by the same set of rule that they must adhere to this will build trust in you as the leader amongst the team which will in turn boost productivity and morale.

Say “No” to YES Men

What I’m going to say next is probably one of the most critical aspects of good successful leadership. It is absolutely imperative that you have surround yourself with honest advisors. One of the quickest ways to failure is to get poor advice from confidants. So ensure that the lines of communications are open between you and all staff (this is the life blood of an organization).

I personally don’t mind being challenged when I make a decision, because it makes me go back and analyze my how I came to my decision; and if it’s a weakness in my plan I want to know now before I launch my idea that may be costly and end in disaster.

I also enjoy “heated” debates about which course of action is best. I enjoy having two opposing yet polarizing personalities try to explain how they arrived at their decision. Oftentimes, this shows the weakness in the opposing plan and results in using some of the two ideas, which works in the best interest of the organization.

This may not work for all, again open honest communication is of utmost importance and thick skin won’t hurt either. I’ve also learned that I don’t always have the correct philosophy as to how to go about completing a task. So stay away for “yes “men the can be they can a will prove to be a false support system.

So in addition to having a balanced view of work and having honest advisors, how else can we stay grounded as leaders? Stay tuned I’ll explain in a later post. Feel free to ask me questions about this topic or any other leadership topic. I’ll answer as many as space as allows.

At OldenSpeaks, we want to change the way you think about leadership. It is not about a position or your degree that you’ve attained. Leadership is adjusting processes that will make a positive change in people lives. It is for men, women and children. It is for families, business and communities. It is for you.

In today’s world there is a lack of good leadership. True, anyone can be in charge, but that may be momentary. Leaders are visionaries, real leaders NEVER leave. We need leaders from all age groups and from all walks of life to take advantage of the countless opportunities that exist in your family, your business, and your communities.

The path to leadership begins in the mind. Leaders think differently, therefore they act differently. They see the world differently. We all have the potential to possess the needed qualities to be leaders, but only a few will cultivate it and become truly effective leaders.

By providing articles, features, books, multimedia and other resources, we would like to encourage you to develop the leader in you – to become an active participant in shaping your future and the future of others.

By   Nathan  Dean

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