7 Habits Leaders Do Not Practice in the Wisdom Age

7 Habits Leaders Do Not Practice in the Wisdom Age

Habit #1

Leaders do not do illegal or corrupt practices. They have optimism that ensures optimal utilization of resources, which make much of accountability and transparency of the state of sovereign authority; they provide intellectual leadership, effectiveness that takes many to the higher life.

Habit #2

Leaders do not draw a blank on their words of honor. If they do; they are compelling, concussing and constraining the people they are leading to kick up their heels in curtains! Leaders who do not keep their words of honor are leaders who lose their state of honor.

Habit #3

Leaders do not hit the skids. They know how to make their mark. Leaders who are number one in their world hold the reins of exclusive rights in this world and sit on the throne of life. Leaders who are sitting on the throne of life see a wonderful world and see-through, that life is beautiful.

Habit #4

Leaders do not disesteem their worthy state of honor, neither do they do things that is as bad as bad can be. They do not lend their countenance to activities that is below integrity. Leaders are adequate and lend their support to activities that give a shot in the arm of beautiful life and wonderful world.

Habit #5

Leaders do not lack self-control to be in control. A Leader without self-control is a leader without boldness, wisdom, virtue and divine abilities to locate eternally assigned destiny. You must have the ability to control your own behavior, before all else in terms of reactions and impulses, feeling contented with personal achievements and good fortune. Bring your creative activity to light and provoke an inclination to put the most favorable construction of actions in others to feel on top of the world and do things that are out of this world.

Habit #6

Leaders do not go in quest of wealth, they go for wisdom. Leaders are wise; they are sagacious, perspicacious, and judicious. They bolster better living and make much of pacific living. Leaders do not control, they inspire trust which makes leadership possible through integrity and excellence.

Habit #7

Leaders do not just see things simply. They also see it fully; perfecting leadership is as easy as perfecting the time and requires a state of producing results and impression than the capacity to produce desired results with a minimum expenditure of energy, time or resources.

By  Grace   Milton

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