Quality Leadership

Quality Leadership

Quality leadership is a necessary component of a companys success. It is important for a companys well-being, and is important for the citizens of the state. Improvement of leadership is a complicated process, however, the majority of the developed countries of the world have already become aware of its importance and began taking concrete steps towards it.

The development of high standards for corporate leadership demands formidable efforts from both companies and the state. Business engineering is a term that is widely used when speaking about leadership, and it is usually defined as organisation development control methodology.

Worldwide transition to the saturated market with its intensifying competition determined one of the most important tasks for modern management, that being to guarantee a companys competitiveness. Though there are different ways to achieve it, companys dynamism became the governing factor of its competitive ability.

This dynamism includes both ability to control its own resources (including human resources which are considered the companys most precious value) and good organisation of interrelation with partners.

Therefore, effective company leadership has become the main task for the managers. In order to achieve success it is important to forecast market opportunities, to develop and improve the companys infrastructure, as well as human resources management.

Being a modern leadership technology, business engineering is based upon precise and formal description of a companys activity. In order to make any decision as for companys leadership, business engineering presupposes using certain business models. It is most important to determine priorities of strategic initiatives, and thus define the tasks for all structural subdivisions, for each group of workers, or for every worker.
By Joseph Coffey

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