4 Easy Ways You Can Use Content Marketing to Create a Stellar Online Reputation

4 Easy Ways You Can Use Content Marketing to Create a Stellar Online Reputation

When people think to purchase something online one of the first things they do is to check the reputation of the company they wish to purchase from. They find out if the particular seller has experience in their niche and looks for the amount of experience they have.

It is wise to do this as you don’t want to spend your money only to get a product or service that is less than mediocre, instead you want to get your money’s worth; a solution to a problem.

If you are reading this from the perspective of a seller I hope you understand how important this is to your success. You must build a good online reputation or you won’t make many sales, not even enough to break even.

One of the best ways to both convince consumers that you are an expert in your field and to help you build a great reputation is to use content marketing. Content marketing in simple terms is just sharing a little bit of your knowledge in your niche area then inviting potential consumers to look at your website to see how you could be of help to them.

Getting them to the website introduces them to your products and or services and is the first step that gives you the opportunity to make sales.

To help you out, here are a couple content marketing tips that can get you started on the road to success:

  1. Know what consumers are looking for. This helps you to create targeted content which will be specifically what your prospects are looking for. After reading your content they should feel like you already know them and can provide the best solution to your problems. The content should compel the reader to pay for your product service.
  1. You want to show that you know your stuff but at the same time you don’t want to appear as being too stiff. Use light humor so people can feel comfortable reading your content and can feel like there is an actual person behind the copy. If you come across as knowledgeable and have a little humor you will attract twice the amount of potential clientele.
  1. A key to creating great content for marketing is for you to be consistent. You can’t just write a couple pages one week and then forget it for another month or so. Having ongoing content shows that you are truly a master of your niche area, staying on top of all the trends for your area of expertise.

If you have a blog, try to update it daily and if you have forums you should ensure you maintain it by responding to queries and providing feedback to comments made in as quick a time as possible. This will require you to commit some time to do this but it will all pay off in the long run.

4.You have to have content to get them to your page and then you need to have content on your page to convince them to make that purchase. To do this you must impress potential customers. Make promises that you can keep and ensure you offer more than just a solution to their problems.

People want great value for money and that is what you should provide, you also want to provide extras as ways to get them to choose you over your competition. When you impress your customers you can expect to also reap new customers as they will spread the word about your business and that is a powerful means of advertising.

By  Andrew  Adamson

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