2 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

2 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

Learning how to get traffic to your blog is a crucial part of your success. If your blog is not receiving as many visitors as you want, you may need to change your marketing strategy and find something that works for your site and multiply your efforts. Today I am going to reveal to you a few things you can do, or work on to increase the amount of traffic your blog will receive.

The first thing I suggest you should do is to work on optimizing your site for search engines, this is known as S.E.O or search engine optimization. There are several simple techniques you can do to optimize your site. Before you even stat to optimizing your site for search engines, you need to find key words for your blog.

Google, which is the biggest search engine in the world has a free key word tool that allows you to see how many people search for a certain phase or key word. The tool also shows you the amount of competition for each key word. The key here is to find key words or phrases with a high to mid volume of traffic with low competition.

Once you find suitable key words for your blog you can start to optimize your site. You can start by optimizing your blog post. You can do this by putting your key words in the title of each blog post. Another tip is to put your key words in the beginning and end of each post. You can also link between your blog post for that is effective as well.

When you write a post make sure not to excessively repeat your key words for blog will not be ranked due to spam. Your key words should take up about three to five percent of your post. Then all you have to do is Link each post you write back to your home page and eventually your blog should rank well in search engines.

The next thing I recommend is that you write for other popular blogs in your field of marketing, when you write for another blog that is called guest blogging. When you guest blog for another website or blog, you are allowed to link back to your blog. Doing this helps you to rank well in search engines and receive traffic from the blog you posed on.

Most popular blogs allow guest blogging due to the high amounts of traffic they receive. That creates a demand for more post. You can find popular blogs by searching the topic of your site followed by blog.

In order to be successful with building traffic to your site you have to be calm and take your time. You also have to find out what traffic generation strategies work for you and multiply your effort.

By  Andrew  Adamson

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