5 Tips to Help You Create Valuable Content for Social Media Marketing

5 Tips to Help You Create Valuable Content for Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is obviously popular these day’s, so much so that businesses may be struggling to create original content that customers find valuable. Its content is often shared virally, increasing brand exposure, site traffic and conversions.

According to Pinterest for business, Jetsetter.com found that introducing popular content on Pinterest led to 150% increase in page views. How can you create content that drives site traffic, increases brand exposure and converts more customers? First, let’s look at where you should start:

Facebook, with its estimated 1.15 billion users, is obviously a great place to introduce customers to your brand and interact with them. Facebook and Twitter both can help increase brand awareness and bring customers to your site. Research by Digiday shows that Pinterest may be the better platform for your bottom line as Pinterest customers spend nearly twice as much as Facebook and Twitter users per transaction.

Now, let’s focus on what content is best for Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Marketing. Here are some great social media marketing content ideas that resonate well with customers.

  1. Content curation – Curated content related to your industry can be just as important as original content. Businesses should share breaking news or interesting findings within their industry to show that they are the industry experts. Content curation is a great way to build an audience and interact with them, increasing brand exposure.
  1. Informative content – Content that helps your audience is always appreciated. DIY tips or tutorials are often virally shared, like Lowe’s FixInSix series. Service tips, care and use instructions or creative ways to use your products are great ideas that resonate well with customers.
  1. Funny or inspiring content – It’s important to vary your content so your profile doesn’t seem like a constant sales pitch. Try to throw in funny content frequently to show you have a sense of humor, or jump on one of the popular hash tags such as Friday Funnies or Throwback Thursday. Inspirational content is also popular and tends to be shared frequently. Simple quotes or messages that inspire your audience can do wonders for your brand.
  1. Attractive content – Your social media content needs to be attractive. Photos can help increase clicks and draw attention to your posts. Videos are also popular on social media and should be shared often on all platforms. Vine and Instagram videos can be quick, easy methods of promoting your brand.
  1. Incentives/Coupons/Contests – Of course, any incentives or coupons you offer on social media have the chance to be shared virally. Friends love to share a great deal on social media, so if you have a great offer, you have the chance to increase brand awareness and promote your products or services virally. Contests are also a great way to promote your brand on social media.

By John Benson

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