5 Popular Social Media Management Tools

5 Popular Social Media Management Tools

Today, almost every successful business is striving hard to stay afloat in this immensely competitive arena. Nonetheless, the integration of social media along with such businesses has proved to be more effective than what was expected. Hence, having a presence on all social network platforms. It is vital for you to understand that the more visible your business is in the online sphere, the higher are its chances of driving more traffic and generating new leads. Touche?

But with so many platforms and so little time, how could one possibly work out something that is time as well as cost effective? Here is when social media management applications contribute in simplifying the process and making sharing information across several social networks organized and convenient.

Top 5 popular social media management tools:

  1. HootSuite- Holding a great reputation, Hootsuite undisputedly deserves it stand, as it offers a host of options, settings and dynamic features. It gives you the option to post, monitor and measure the results on multiple platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and others. In fact, many digital marketing agencies could actually give this incredible tool a tap and reap the plethora of benefits it has to offer.
  1. Socialoomph- Raising the features bar a few notches higher is Socialoomph that sets itself apart. This impressive social media management tool enables brands to not only post and schedule posts on multiple social media platforms, but also empowers you to schedule posts to your blog. A brief list of the numerous features it offers includes tracking keywords, promoting profiles, shortening links, etc.
  1. CoTweet- Here’s an application that is specially designed for small and medium size businesses, to ensure smooth functioning. CoTweet assists you to track as well as analyze all the conversations.
  1. SpredFast- Being present on social media also requires you to measure and analyze the reach, therefore. SpredFast is the apt tool that excels at data feature integration. It helps you manage and measure all the data collected from your Twitter, YouTube and Flickr accounts and help you as a brand to gauge the engagement and reach of your content. All of which is presented in the form of formatted graphs making analysis simple and effortless.
  1. Bitly- Gained fame for its classy feature of shortening links and URLs, Bitly is much more than you and your company probably think it is. Get access to real time analytics, bookmarks and clicks. Here is a great social media management tool that is free and spread across a host of platforms.

The above-mentioned tools are the most popular ones, though a little research will help you stumble upon many more that you and your business could use. Therefore, whatever your company is in whether it is search engine optimization or social media marketing; be sure to make use of all the available resources and leave no stone unturned.

By John Benson

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