Social Media + Real Estate Business

Social Media + Real Estate Business

It is an undeniable fact that social media has been widely accepted as the key that opens the doors to prospect clients and has establish interaction to a more large scale. Comparing social networking to traditional way of marketing, it can be considered a more effective and efficient way to market product and business. Online businesses have incorporated widgets and toolbars, created fan pages, circles, groups and accounts just to extend there reach to potential customers.

Real estate business is one of the industries that have been greatly influenced by social media. The University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business conducted a study about the relationship of social networks to businesses and they found out the in the United States of America, technology adoption rate has double comparing it to the past year, from 12 percent to 24 percent respectively. From this study it is noticeable that many businesses have integrated social networks and is no surprise why they have included social marketing as a part their internet marketing strategy.

For me social networks has been an innovation for businesses especially real estate. As we all know real estate industry has been through rough times is the past years. Many investors have failed to sell their property on a price that will give them a lot of income. They even decided to put there property only for lease and is waiting for the right time that prices increases and improves. But with the use of social media, it opened new doors for many property owners, home builders and investors. Social networks has increased the scope of the market for every business industry in the world. And through social media every business can have a wide range of audience which can convert into a customer or client.

Other reasons why engage on social media marketing

  1. Social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube has a growing number of users. Noted that they are increasing rapidly. This means that when you advertise your product on these social media sites it increases the possibility of having a profit.
  1. Social media sites have given search engine optimization a new meaning. This is because search results are now socially transformed. So having a lot of followers, fans, and other increases you online visibility.
  1. Real Interaction. Social networking sites have the capability of providing businesses current and accurate data that they could use for improvements and analysis. Thru social media likes, comments and tweet, a business can see feedbacks of its audience and customers.
  1. Opens Communication. Social networking sites can be a way to communication between the business and clients. Clients can ask queries and information to the business. While businesses can answer it as soon as it is read. This shows the personal interests of the business to its clients.

Many benefits can be gained on using social media. Not only that it’s a trend today but also because it has changed and improved how businesses can increase sales and income. Take note many of your competitors are already engaging with this type of internet marketing strategy so why not use it too.

By John Benson

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