Remortgages and Secured Loans Are The Only Loans For Homeowners

Remortgages and Secured Loans Are The Only Loans For Homeowners

Deciding that extra money is needed leads to the making of various other decisions. You must make up your mind as to how much of a loan is needed, where to get the best deal with the lowest interest rate, etc. If the loan is required to purchase a car, it is possible to obtain the finance from the car dealership.

Remortgages and Secured Loans Are The Only Loans For Homeowners

The disadvantage is that you will then have to pay the full retail price for the vehicle in addition to the interest rate for the car loan being fairly high. There is also the matter of the deposit, and if you do not have a car to trade in, or your old car is not worth enough to cover the deposit, you will have to pay the deposit out of your own pocket.

When you want a loan to go on holiday, your own bank may be prepared to offer you the loan required. Holiday loans have quite costly interest rates and short repayment periods of about twelve months.

When carrying out home improvements, such as adding an extension, fitting a new kitchen or bathroom, building a conservatory or even installing a swimming pool, you can apply for a loan from the company you intend to employ to carry out the home improvements, but the main problem with these loans is that they have very high interest rates of normally anything up to 26%.

It will be an expensive holiday when paying for it in this way and the improvements to your home will be very expensive.

Homeowners do not need to borrow in these ways. Homeowners can use their status to obtain either a remortgage or a secured loan, and make use of remortgages and secured loans for all the above purposes and many others besides.

At the moment you can obtain a homeowner loan from about 9% and a remortgage from about 1.90%, and this is much less than paying 26% for a home improvement loan. Remortgages and secured loans can be taken over repayment periods of up to twenty five years, unlike the holiday loan of normally one year, and thus makes the payments affordable.

You can get a better buy when you purchase a car by means of a remortgage or secured loan as you have the money readily available to buy privately or at an auction. Having decided that your choice is a secured loan or a remortgage, the way forward is to check the repayments on the internet, and going onto a loan calculator on a loan or mortgage site. You can see how much it will cost by looking at the loan calculator.

By  Robert  Charlson

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