10 Ways to Increase Your Sales

10 Ways to Increase Your Sales

In today’s economic climate with customers spending less money, now is the time to develop strategies to increase your sales. This can be done in a number of ways, dependent on your own business structure, staff, customers and goods or services sold. Try a few of the ideas below and see how you go:

10 Ways to Increase Your Sales

1)        Increase the sale – ask the customer if they would like anything else with their purchase. Have fast moving impulse items near the check out.

2)        Sell complimentary items – Products that work well together should be next to each other, so that customers can easily find them. For example, place batteries near torches.

3)        Improve employee satisfaction – Are your employees happy? Generally, employees attitudes are a reflection of their Manager, so ensure that your staff and Managers are happy. It may be as simple as asking them what will make them happy. Perhaps they just want regular lunch breaks and access to fresh coffee.

4)        Develop a new marketing strategy – Find out why your customers buy a particular product and how they use your product. You may find that customers may use your product for a different use than intended and this is a great opportunity to sell your product in a different light.

5)        Improve your marketing materials – Do people actually read your marketing materials? Make sure you list the benefits of your products or services on your marketing materials. Make them brief, concise and easy to read.

6)        Improved customer service – How is your customer service? Ask your customers how they rate your customer service. If your staff are happy, they will probably offer good customer service. Have your staff had customer service training? It may be a good time to implement a training program to ensure your staff are delivering the best customer service possible.

7)        Have an item on special – Sell an item at a low price and low profit margin in order to get customers into your business where they can see what other goods and services are on offer.

8)        Develop effective advertising – Who are your customers? Profile your customers and work out who they are, where they live, where and how they found out about your business. Once you know who they are, direct your advertising directly at them and work out ways to appeal to them.

9)        Employ more sales people – Are the staff that you have stretched to the limit? Are they missing sales simply because they don’t have the time. The answer may be to hire more sales people. If there is a high demand for your product or service and your sales team is stretched to the limit, hiring additional staff may be the only way to go.

10)      Better lead generation – Are your sales leads qualified? Are these customers ready to purchase your goods and services? In order for the leads to be qualified, all customer questions need to be satisfied to ensure that your product or service is the right one for them.

By Devin Mason

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