Business Gifts As Sales Incentives For Staff

Business Gifts As Sales Incentives For Staff

Business gifts are regularly used to promote and advertise a company brand, but less frequently business gifts are used to directly increase your sales revenue by offering them as incentives for sales representatives. This is a real missed opportunity. You may be concerned that introducing business gifts as incentives may be costly compared to the more traditional commission based incentives, but this is simply not true. Good quality, desirable gifts such as laptop bags can be purchased at reasonable cost, often as little as £10.00.

Business Gifts As Sales Incentives For Staff

Then consider the number of employees working towards that gift. If given to only the top seller, the effort and revenue generated working towards that gift will far exceed the outlay.

To do this well, consider your employees. Try to choose gifts that are relevant, useful, and of the highest quality that you can afford. If your employees travel a lot good quality travel flasks or overnight cases may be good choices. You may have regular seasonally related incentives, and perhaps smaller cheaper gifts that each employee can receive when the reach certain goals such as pens or pin badges.

All of these techniques not only boost revenue, they keep your sales force motivated with an added sense of achievement and recognition for their efforts. When you sales team are happy and feel they are valued, they naturally work their best.

So, consider using business gifts regularly as incentives for staff. This is great for motivation, recognition, and increased revenue. Be as personal as you can when choosing gifts. Ensure they appeal to all, are of the best quality you can afford and are useful. Make sure that gifts are, where necessary not gender specific and also avoid items like clothing that may not fit.

By  John Hester

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