10 Must Have Social Media Manager Traits

10 Must Have Social Media Manager Traits

It sounds like having your head in the clouds thinking to be on Facebook and twitter all day long and get paid for it! But just being on Facebook all day and posting selfies on instagram doesn’t make you a social media manager. A lot more than just passing your leisure time is required to become a successful social media (SM) manager. Studies say that since 2010, there has been as much as 1300% increase in careers in social (Entrepreneur Magazine).

10 Must Have Social Media Manager Traits

With an ever increasing SM usage in business, the need of SMM experts for leveraging SM in business is constantly rising. But just making a business page on Facebook and visiting it once in a blue moon doesn’t count as SM management. Here are the 10 biggest qualities that we think are necessary for anyone to become a successful social media manager:

  1. Strong technical skills

Strong computer skills, a little SEO understanding and web navigation are some of the biggest social media manager traits. It would be an added advantage to have skills in graphic design and coding. The technically challenged wouldn’t possibly understand many an important things and keep looking for technical support here and there.

  1. Personal Skills

Other than being tech savvy, a SM manager must also be amiable and have skills to connect with anyone and engage them. Engaging the customers with the business is the most challenging task a SM manager has to do.

  1. Brilliant Communication skills

To become the best social media manager, in addition to being good at conversations, one must have communication expertise, a strong command over language, and possess the quality to differentiate between personal and professional conversations, which matters a lot more than anything in social for business.

  1. Industry understanding

An effective SM manager must not stay aloof of the other parts of business and just get lost in the social world. They must possess important information of what’s going on in the business environment so as to apply the understanding in their SM campaigns accordingly.

  1. Creative Brilliance

Being creative and capable of thinking of new and innovative ideas all the time is one of the major social media manager traits in the list. Remember the last time you saw that company’s Facebook page and thought “All its posts are the same, nothing new, it’s so boring.” This is what an effective SM manager needs to avoid.

  1. Time management skills

How often to post on the pages, how often to update the page description, when exactly a new post is needed, all these are things that need to be properly organized and done at the perfect timing. In SMM, if the timing is wrong, everything is wrong.

  1. Adaptability

Social is one of those areas where things always keep changing. New platforms keep coming and old ones keep updating. The best social media manager is one who knows how to keep themselves updated with the latest changes and learn to use the latest as quickly as possible.

  1. Contacts

Just like every other marketing manager, the SMM manager must also have many contacts to benefit from for the business’ promotion and publicity. Without good contacts no SM strategy can succeed.

  1. Experience in SMM

Running social for a company is not a child’s play and thus requires adequate experience in the field. When hiring a social media manager, what companies first see is the experience.

  1. Working Strategically

Only using social tools and posting on the platforms is not enough. Nothing will work until it is properly planned and has a strategy according to the business you’re working for. The audiences must be engaged with utmost attention to the strategy.


By Mark Frame

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