How To Remain Fresh And Inspired By Your Business!

How To Remain Fresh And Inspired By Your Business!

It will always amaze me, thank goodness, that there are lots of new opportunities to expand our businesses. You know, there are those entrepreneurs who just want to get to a certain level, dollar amount, number of clients, monthly product sales etc. and then chill out. And I suppose that’s ok!

How To Remain Fresh And Inspired By Your Business!

However, as I look around the business world, even the most notable never rests on their laurels. Look at Trump, Branson, Winfrey, and Gates. Each, with more money than they can spend, or give away. Yet, I recognize, and I hope you do as well, that it’s not about the money. No, it’s not even about the power. It’s the exhilaration of discovering a new opportunity, a new approach, a new way to “think and play bigger”! They want to step out on the edge and create or wedge themselves into a new market that satisfies a need or creates a desire that didn’t exist before.

Think about your own business. If money were not an issue wouldn’t you just love to try something new or different than anyone else in your market or industry? Wouldn’t you love to be the first to address a problem you know exists and no one is solving, but you could? But dang it, you have that pesky bill, mortgage or target to hit!

I want to inspire you, actually jolt you out of obscurity! I want you to think of how you could step into this place of leadership and set yourself apart from the competition by taking on a nagging problem that no one else is willing to. Or, perhaps do it in a way that few others are even considering.

Let me give you a real example of how this worked!

One of the marketing and business growth strategies that I often teach thriving entrepreneurs who want to create high 6 & 7 figures is to build a team to support them. At this level of income, leverage is key. However, they don’t have the time to find the best and qualified team members to help.

What if there were a simple way for these high level service providers to tap into an existing, already qualified, pool of professionals who take care of assembling the “team” for them. They would also mange the delivery of those services, so that the business owner focuses solely on what they do best? This is way beyond the use of a virtual assistant, which a number of us partner with.

Announcing the birth of the Online Business Manager (OBM)! The OBM serves the function of a VP or COO for the entrepreneur, without being on their payroll, but supporting their business as if they are.

Isn’t that cool? This position didn’t exist 2-3 years ago. Instead service professionals typically hired teams of VA’s to help them manage their business as it expanded. And one savvy entrepreneur saw the need and decided to provide the solution. Sure, some argued that you could still hire a lot of resources and just delegate to each person, but then that makes you a manager not a leader and owner of your own business.

Now that you have an example of a fresh and inspired way to address a challenge that no one else may focus on, how can you apply this to your own business?

Use these strategies to add freshness and inspiration to lead your business from where you are:

“Courage to escape” – Start to pay attention to the leaders in your market. Focus on a trend you see across them and then identify where you can learn more, initially, to fill what will likely be an obvious gap.

“Courage to grow” – Look at your current offerings – programs, products, services and see what additional problems clients have discovered after using what you offer. Then create “the next level of support” to solve these new challenges.

“Courage to thrive” – Look at your competition. Where is the gap in what they are offering? It could be at the entry or low price point. Or it may be just below the advanced or high-end level. Where could you enter with an offer that scoops up those who aren’t able to play with your competition?

Discovering these new ideas to address client challenges or creating new approaches, keeps business fresh and inspiring to US, as entrepreneurs. And that’s just as important as the thrill of serving your clients!


By Daniel Rray

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