Creating a Sales Culture

Creating a Sales Culture

As I was thinking about my clients this morning, I started to think about how to create a culture of sales. A client of mine was discussing some of her staffing issues. One of her employees was too busy to check the voice mails on their general line and that got me thinking.

Creating a Sales Culture

Then there was another client who was complaining that when customers call, they are interrupting her from getting her work done. WHAT? What else could be more important than responding to our customers and prospective customers? How can a team develop a Sales Culture?

  1. Team Intention

It is important for every member of the team believe that there is a bottom line mission in business and that is to make a sale. Certainly we do this with integrity but without sales, there would be no need to keep the doors open. Whether your business is selling products or services, it is all about acquiring new customers and selling to them. This needs to be communicated to your staff as well as made a priority for yourself. Whether you like to sell or not, if you are the head of your business, you must be selling.

  1. Clearly Defined Sales Goals

I cannot tell you how many times I start working with a new client and when I ask them what their monthly goals are, they tell me that they don’t have goals. Or maybe they have goals and when I ask how they are communicated to the team, they say they do not talk to their staff about these goals. Annual, quarterly and monthly goals should be communicated to everyone on your team. In addition to this, the progress of reaching these goals should also be announced so that your team can get excited about reaching these goals. Make sure that the goals are attainable and that you communicate the strategy of how you will reach them. A detailed sales strategy will build your credibility with your team and in turn they will get behind you and the company mission.

  1. Ongoing Sales and Business Training

Ongoing training is essential to develop your team. Sales training should not be reserved for only the sales staff. Sales training as well as providing training in areas such as customer service, problem solving and even listening skills are critical to your business. Your employees are your number one asset to your business. However, providing training courses to your employees does not have to be cost prohibitive. It could be as simple as finding a book that resonates with you and providing that to your employees.

Whether you are a solo-preneur or are a large business, when you focus on sales, your business will weather this storm and thrive. Continual effort and intention needs to be applied to your selling to ensure that your revenue goals are met. Lastly, make it fun. Selling can be fun and the more you and your team are making it fun, the more success and results you will see in your business.

By Daniel Rray

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