Building Your Customer Base

Building Your Customer Base

Your business success depends on your success in attracting and retaining customers. Your goal is to have a subset of those customers return regularly to shop with you. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can start building your customer base right now.

Are You Planning For Sales Success?

Every sale you make gives you the opportunity to make a customer for life. Think of your every interaction with a new customer as a chance to court a new friend. Your auction listings are already helping, because you’re working to make them neat, accurate, and friendly, but there are still more things you can do to be sure your customers will remember who you are and think of you the next time they shop on eBay.

A few lines that serve as a signature at the end of every e-mail can be a wonderful way for you to add value to every correspondence you send. Adding an e-mail signature is an option in nearly all e-mail programs. It is easy to set up and becomes a part of every e-mail you send.

Just for a moment, put yourself in your customer’s place. Every time you buy something from an unproven eBay seller, you take a risk. No matter how well produced the listing is. No matter how clear the policy statements are. Even in view of a good, solid feedback rating, there comes a moment when you simply have to trust that the person selling what you want is going to live up to the promises he makes in his auction listing.

By Daniel Rray

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