Accountability Thinking to Achieve Your Professional Goals

Accountability Thinking to Achieve Your Professional Goals

The Oz Principle and Accountability Thinking

This book by Roger Conners is an excellent book to take a team (or individual) from mediocrity to sustainable superior performance.

Conners uses the Story of the book, “The Wizard of Oz” as an analogy of ‘what if’s’ and brings them into the business world. He uses short exercises for individuals and groups to think about for current projects or tasks and draws you into the character of the Tin man or the Lion or any of the others.

Accountability Thinking to Achieve Your Professional Goals

By the time you are finished with the book you have a complete understanding of what it means to be forward thinking and planning and accepting accountability for your own behavior to the end result. If you have your team read and follow this, an Above The Line Recognition award would be appropriate depending on the stage that your team is at and the project.

I had the opportunity to use this twice in my career. The first time was as a team member on a high performing team of pharmaceutical reps in Central CA. We consistently applied this for several years to all of our projects. Of the ten people on that team, nine of the reps were all promoted to district manager within that two year period and our district manager began his climb from DSM to regional to cross functioning teams all the way to VP of Sales and Marketing. Others on the team also went into regional leadership in sales or account management. You can find these people now in other companies as executive VP’s and senior leaders.

While I continued to use this for myself, the second time I applied this was with my team as a district sales manager. One of my high performers read the book, created a plan to disseminate it to the team and gained their buy in. Over the course of the next 6 months, our market share for our currently marketed drugs grew as well as call metrics. Our regional director recognized the actions that were occurring and had my representative present his presentation to the regions DSM’s and then at a regional meeting to all the representatives in the region. It was a very good year for the region.

What about you, what other ways have you helped your team focus on achieving set goals? Have any of you used The Oz Principle or modified it to fit your own specific needs?

P.S. I know you can buy this book at and according to others it is currently out of print. You may want to pick up a copy soon before there are none left.

By Daniel Rray

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