15 Ways to Manage Your Restaurant’s Liquor Liability Risk

15 Ways to Manage Your Restaurant’s Liquor Liability Risk

Are you willing to risk the loss of your liquor license, your restaurant, or perhaps even your home and other personal assets? That what it takes when you operate a restaurant that servers alcoholic beverages and fail to carry a liquor liability insurance.

15 Ways to Manage Your Restaurant's Liquor Liability Risk

To understand the risks, restaurant owners need to understand the liquor liability they can be responsible for.

Liability as a server – Serving people past the point of intoxication
Liability as an occupier – People, companies or any other organization that owns, has possession of or responsibility for premises.
Liability as an employer regarding employees consuming alcohol.
Liability as a sponsor of potentially dangerous activities.
Use of excessive force – Security personnel cannot use unnecessary or excessive force to manage intoxicated patrons.

15 ways you can manage your liability risk.
Purchase Restaurant Insurance
Limit alcohol consumption
Do not serve obviously intoxicated persons.
Encourage taxi use.
Provide reduced/subsidized taxi and hotel rates
Encourage car pool or designated-driver program

Reminder patrons not to drink and drive.
Watch people leaving and encourage/insist on taxi use.
Display posters from Mother’s Against Drinking and Driving (MADD), Students Against Driving and Driving (SADD) or similar organization.
Do not serve alcohol to those under legal drinking age.

Implement a mandatory identification policy.
Regulate hours to sell or server alcohol.
Do not allow employees/volunteers to consume alcohol or drugs
Do not allow employees to drink and drive.
Never admit liability!!!

By Noah Mason

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