Is Your Small Business in Lincoln Properly Covered By Insurance?

Is Your Small Business in Lincoln Properly Covered By Insurance?

If your small business had to close for three weeks due to an unforeseeable disaster, would you be able to handle the reduced cash flow? Does your current policy have appropriate Business Continuation with Extra Expense and/or Loss of Income coverage to cover this event? If one of your employees, clients or customers were to be injured on your property would your insurance cover that? If your property were to sustain significant damage does your current coverage provide you with what you need to deal with that event?

Is Your Small Business in Lincoln Properly Covered By Insurance?

Owning sufficient property insurance protects you, as a small business owner, in the event of your property being damaged. Property coverage also safeguards you in case of theft or weather damage. How do you know if you possess adequate insurance for your small business? It’s important to your business that you own ample insurance because otherwise damage costs come out of your pocket. Where does that leave you and your business?

Liability insurance will protect you against liability for accidents that damage other people’s property or even possibly injure them. So owning an appropriate policy is important to any small business. For these reasons our Insurance Agency in Lincoln, Nebraska recommends this to small businesses. If someone acquires an injury on your property or their property gets damaged, does your current policy cover that? How much of that damage will your present policy cover?

You should give your local insurance agent a call to determine if the coverage you already own is adequate for your business. Of course you could call any of the 1-800 insurance providers but they won’t be able to provide you with the detailed attention that your local insurance agent will. Another reason to call an agent in your community rather than a 1-800 insurance provider is that your nearby insurance agency will be able to relate to you about running a small business. By consulting with your local agency you will be able to determine what areas your insurance may be lacking. It’s important to the financial stability of your business that you have the best possible commercial insurance [] coverage; so you don’t have to take large sums of money out of pocket.

Plus, an agent in your area may be able to put multiple business policies together for you at a discount after consulting with you about your business’ needs. This not only provides you with coverage for your property and liability; it saves you money. The money you save by combining your insurance policies can go back into your business. You certainly don’t want to find out at the expense of your business, your customers/clients, or your employees that your current insurance coverage just doesn’t cut it. Give a nearby agent a call today and see what they can do for you.

By    Andrew  Fisher

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