Commercial Truck Insurance Basics: Produce Haulers Insurance

Commercial Truck Insurance Basics: Produce Haulers Insurance

Commercial truck insurance is extremely specific. This is a direct result of the trucking industry itself being both highly regulated and extremely vital to the nation’s economy.

Commercial Truck Insurance Basics: Produce Haulers Insurance

If commercial trucking were to come to a standstill, so would our nation’s commerce and food supply-it’s scary to think of what might happen in big cities if commercial trucking shut down-there would be mass shortages of food, water, fuel-everything we take for granted to survive in our society.

Because of this, and to ensure the safety of people on the road as well as the goods we depend on daily, commercial truck insurance is very specific and regulated.

One example of regulated specific cargo insurance is produce haulers insurance. Here’s a little more about it!

Produce Truck Insurance

Produce haulers insurance is a type of cargo insurance that produce and food haulers typically carry. Produce haulers make up a large chunk of the trucking industry and there are many motor carriers that deal with produce exclusively.

For these company’s, blanket produce haulers insurance policies are available to cover all the trucks they use in their rotation.

Produce Truck Insurance Policy Specialties

One reason produce haulers is super specialized is that the trucks used in this industry are typically refrigerated, adding a whole extra system of equipment to the actual truck and an added variable that would affect the truck’s cargo if it were to fail.

Furthermore, a certain percentage of hauled produce is guaranteed to spoil due to impact, shelf life or temperature. Good produce driver insurance can account for this annual spoilage and help save its industry workers money in the long run.

Other Policies To Carry With Produce Cargo Insurance

Primary liability is a coverage that’s always required by law. Comprehensive coverage can help protect your truck if you’re involved in an accident or it gets damaged from things like fire, theft or vandalism.
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