Buy Car Insurance Online- Explained In Detail

Buy Car Insurance Online- Explained In Detail

There are several ways to buy car insurance. One can go to an insurance company’s office or can call a company’s representative at a destined place, and thus to discuss the requirements in person. But nowadays, which individual has that much time to interact in detailed matters like insurance discuss about car insurance when more or less the benefits offered by every service provider are the same.

Buy Car Insurance Online- Explained In Detail

So, why not to go in for the option to buy car insurance online? Purchasing online car insurance is easy, time saving, cost effective and full of innumerable options to go through, sitting in the comfort of one’s home. You have just to ask for some reputed companies online quotes for car insurance. Then study thoroughly these quotes and sort out some good ones suitable for you.

Then from the bunch of chosen ones, select one which may be the best from the angle of your needs and requirements. You get a lot of preference going online including renewal plans. Make it to buy online a comprehensive car insurance policy with third-party cover and scrutinize threadbare the terms and conditions in this regard, because the crux of your return on investment rests on death of third-party, the compensation for which may run to lakhs, ten lakhs and in some cases even corers of rupees depending upon the age, status and liabilities of the dead. The only condition is that you have to continue renewing your insurance cover in time always.

Lot many facilities are granted by different insurance companies if you buy car insurance online. Some are enumerated below:

a) Free online quotes are offered
b) Discount on first premium between 50-60% is offered
c) No Claim Bonus (NCB) upto 50% is allowed
d) Cashless facilities in empanelled hospitals available in thousands of hospitals
e) At the time of accident, there exists provision to provide lump sum at the very first diagnosis. Compensation for the driver in case of accident causing death or permanent disablement Also 24&7 road-side personal assistance is provided.
f) Renewals of policies can also be undertaken online

Precautions For Continued Grant Of Facilities
a) Yearly Premium must be paid regularly in time to continue getting the facilities and claim settlements.
b) It is always preferable to take one plan with due thought before hand and then stick to that, without changing it from time to time. Sticking to one company is necessary for early settlement of claim as all companies, more or less, have some waiting period for submission of a claim.

Which Insurance Agency To Hire
Today is not the time to misunderstand that government sector only offers the best financial cover. In one of the most competitive insurance era of today, the companies in the private sector give equally good financial security. All the companies have different yardsticks to settle the claims. Naturally you would like to go in for the one which offers you the best options as per your budget and other specifications. Different companies have different forms/set of forms to be filled in to go in for car insurance claim.

Some car insurance claim forms and a bit of information regarding them is as under:

(A) Intimation Cum Preliminary Claim Form (Motor). – Tata AIG

(B) Motor insurance & add-on claim form – Royal Sundaram

(C) Final Motor Insurance Claim Form – Bharti AXA GI
By James Clapton

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