Your Mortgage “Note” Goes Bye-Bye

Your Mortgage “Note” Goes Bye-Bye

Unknown to almost everyone, there is something VERY different that happens with your “Mortgage Note” immediately after closing.
Your “Mortgage Note” is endorsed and deposited in the bank, by the Lender, as a check and becomes “MONEY”! The document that you just gave the bank or lender with your signature on it, that you believe is a promise to pay them for money loaned to you, has just been converted to money in THEIR ACCOUNT. You just gave the “lender” the exact dollar value of what they said they just loaned you!

Your Mortgage "Note" Goes Bye-Bye

Who is the REAL creditor in this second “Secret Closing Transaction”? Who really loaned who anything of value or any money? You actually just paid for your own home with your promissory “Mortgage Note” that you gave the bank and the bank gave you what in return? NOTHING!!! For any contract to be valid there must be consideration given by both parties. But don’t they tell you that you must now pay back the “Loan” that they have made to you? Did you give them consideration or value? Yes, your debt signature from your secret STRAWMAN account.

How can it be that you could just write a “Note” and pay for your home? This leads us back to the bankruptcy of the United States in 1933. When FDR and Congress took all the property and gold from the people in 1933 they had to give something in return for that confiscation of property. What the people got in return was the promise that all of their needs would be met by the government, because the assets and the labor of the people were collateral for the debt of the United States in the bankruptcy.

All of their debts would be “discharged” through “Notes”, mainly Federal Reserve Notes. This was done without the consent of the people of America, just like the IRS Income Tax fraud, and this was an act of Treason by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The problem comes in where they never told us how we could accomplish that discharge and have what we were entitled to after the bankruptcy. Why has this never been taught in the schools in the United States of America?

Could it be that it would expose the biggest fraud in the history of this entire country and in the world? If the public is purposely not educated about certain things, then certain individuals and entities can take full financial advantage of virtually the entire population. Isn’t this “selective education” more like “indoctrination”?

Could this be what has happened? In Fina Supply, Inc. v. Abilene Nat. Bank, 726 S.W.2d 537, 1987 it says “Party having superior knowledge who takes advantage of another’s ignorance of the law to deceive him by studied concealment or misrepresentation can be held responsible for that conduct.”

Does this mean that if there are people, mortgage lenders and bankers with superior knowledge as a party in this “Loan Transaction” that take advantage of the “ignorance of the law”, (through indoctrination) of the public to unjustly enrich themselves twofold and more, that they can be held responsible? Can they be held responsible in only a civil manner or is there a more serious accountability that falls into the category of criminal conduct?

It is well established law that Fraud vitiates (makes void) any contract that arises from it. Is this intentional “lack of disclosure” of the true nature of the contract we have entered into is Fraud and would make the mortgage contract void on its face? Could it be that the Fraud could actually be “studied concealment or misrepresentation” that makes those involved in the act responsible and accountable? What happens to the “Note” once it is deposited in the bank and is converted to “money”?

Mortgage foreclosure attorneys say in court across this country that the “Note” was lost or misplaced and asks the Judge to take their word for it that they have the original note. How can they have your original note when they cashed or deposited it into a bank account to never be heard from again. They make copies of your note before it is deposited and they pawn these copies as the original note. The note when it is deposited into a bank account becomes money. Are there different kinds of money?

There is money of exchange and money of account. They are two very different things. Walker Todd explains in his expert witness affidavit that the banks actually do convert signatures into money. The definition of “money” according to the Uniform Commercial Code: “Money” means a medium of exchange authorized or adopted by a domestic or foreign government and includes a monetary unit of account established by an intergovernmental organization or by agreement between two or more nations.

Money can actually be in different forms other than what we are accustomed to thinking. When you sign your name on a promissory note it becomes money whether you are talking a mortgage note or a credit card application! Did the bankers ever “disclose” this to us? Were we ever taught anything about this in the school system in this country? Were future attorneys taught about this in law school?

Could it be that this whole idea of being able to convert our signature to money is a “studied concealment” or “misrepresentation” where those involved become responsible if we are harmed by their actions? What happens if you have signed a “Mortgage Note” and already paid for your home at the second, secret lender closing, and they come at a later date and foreclose and take it from you? Would you consider yourself to be harmed in any way?

Since there are countless errors, omissions, nondisclosures, and legalities your lender and title company made at your closing, you can make them pay by getting your mortgage removed. It is best to use a good mortgage removal company. Not all mortgage removal companies are the same. Some will take your money without you being able to contact them after you buy their program, because it does not work; therefore, it is up to you to ensure you select the best company for the job.

By James Clapton

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