The Secret Of Tsunami Selling-Ride The Wave To Sales Success

The Secret Of Tsunami Selling-Ride The Wave To Sales Success

Deteriorating direct sales, stricter government regulations, smaller sales forces in response to the recession-let’s face it, sales faces a tsunami-and many companies are finding it difficult to keep their head above the water. But a simple change of perspective can help you not only stay afloat, but to comfortably ride the wave to sales success. Here are a few simple tips you can use:

The Secret Of Tsunami Selling-Ride The Wave To Sales Success

Add value to your offering

This might seem counter-intuitive or even costly, compared to quick-fix solutions. But to really stand out from the competition, this is the ideal way-to add value to your offering. Tough times, when looked at in another way, are the best time to think fresh and achieve success.

Study your audience

Re-evaluate what you are offering, and analyze what your target audience needs. Find out in depth about your audience-their thinking, their habits, and preferences-through phone calls, questionnaires, or face-to-face interactions. Once you find out their need, study the competition and introduce something new to differentiate your offering from what is out there. Your audience is more likely to enjoy your fresh outlook in selling in a time of generally bleak forecasts.

Find new applications and uses

Can you find fresh applications of your product-and pitch it accordingly? For example, a pre-processed snack that is usually boiled before being eaten could easily be pitched as a crispy to be had on its own. This gives it a dual identity, both as a snack straight from the pack, and a boiled-and-eaten item. You could also think of fresh markets for your product. Analyze your offering and see if you can pitch it elsewhere, if your traditional market seems to be freezing.

Sell value

Tough times or not, audiences recognize value when they see it. It was during the Great Recession that Chevrolet added hydraulic brakes to their existing cars, and introduced a station wagon at a low price for their cost-sensitive customers.

These innovations helped the company gain an edge over its rival Ford just before the World War II. If your products have stopped enthusing your audience, try selling them value instead, and see your sales graph shoot up.

The message for the sales fraternity today is: sell value, analyze and identify new markets, find new applications for your existing products. If you are looking for guidance in making the most of tsunami selling, ride the wave to sales success by opting for these effective sales tactics.
By Daniel Blare

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