The Language Of Actions

The Language Of Actions

Events have taught me that altering habits improve behaviour. But I find this kind of change is not long-lasting. I learned lasting change only comes from journeying deeper into your beliefs. For in simple but deep-rooted beliefs lay the reasons for habits leading to behaviour.Beliefs and fears live in the same house.

The Language Of Actions

Fear driven habits and behavior are the root causes of many a lovely life being stunted. If your belief is that you deserve the best you will always explore the right route to succeed.

Watch out for these syndromes. All are very common maladies and curable. Treated leads to peace and comfort.

Zombie Race Syndrome: “Everyone thinks like me”, “My way is the best way”. No this is not so, for the nearest you’ll get sometimes is like-mindedness. And a productive environment nurtures different points of view.

The World Twirls On My Axis Syndrome: “If I don’t do it, it will never be done” Oh, yes it could get done and a tad quicker and better at times. Release the need to control. Unveil your self-importance to see it as it really is.

It’s Me So It’s OK Syndrome: “It’s good because that person deserved it”. “If only” and “But I was….”are the unreal curtains we hide behind. Do not make excuses rather face your inaccurate thinking.

Me Upright Syndrome: ‘I would never do a thing like that’ ‘How could she/he do such a thing’. Oh, Yes! you can given half a chance for we do not know what we could do in the same circumstances. Give up the need to judge.

Rigid is Best Syndrome- “My way or the highway” No, there are many different ways more creative, more enjoyable and great fun. Creativity flourishes in an open challenging space.

Supreme Manager Syndrome: “I am in control” Look closely, the wheels are not emotionally involved. Trying to have power over what is not yours to control is the most futile and exhausting task in the universe.

People do hurt you but not as much as your expectations of them do. Since pain has a powerful memory. Lessons once learned will never be forgotten. So that makes pain a good teacher.

I believe oppressive pain comes from perception and expectations.

I believe people are usually doing the best they can. It is not always about you.

I believe God does not create the downs of life but He gives the strength to endure and succeed.

I believe the joy of being there in someone’s need, of sharing, of giving is not talked about or celebrated as much as it should be.

This belief I do not want to change and that is my belief in the goodness of human beings.

I have enjoyed time and time again this nectar of human decency. It makes life so worth its while. I recall. I remember and treasure these experiences and bless them all for keeping my faith and belief with their actions.

By   Alexis  Dean

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